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Student Rights and Responsibilities, Part 1

Students are advised to read and understand this document. By accepting admission to Chemeketa Community College, students enjoy the rights and privileges as outlined here. To help ensure a positive learning environment, students have the responsibility to conduct themselves in accordance with standards as set forth in this policy.


Chemeketa Community College provides an environment that celebrates the freedom to learn and the freedom to teach. In that celebration of teaching and learning it is appropriate that individuals and groups be viewed with regard to their potential to contribute within the learning environment. Each has dignity and value.

As a community of people seeking education, Chemeketa students are dedicated to improving personally and academically. Choosing to join the college community obligates each member to a code of behavior. Chemeketa students will:

Practice personal and educational integrity.

Students shall practice academic honesty by not cheating, plagiarizing, or misrepresenting their coursework in any way.

Students shall not misuse college documents, library or computer resources, student records, or identification cards.

Maintain standards of academic performance and contribute to the safe, cooperative and respectful learning environment throughout the college.

Students shall participate in classroom assignments and discussions, and attend classes regularly.

Students shall not disrupt the teaching/learning process.

Respect the diversity and dignity of all persons.

Students are encouraged to demonstrate respect for all persons.

Students shall not participate in physical abuse or verbal abuse that is severe, pervasive, and objectively offensive towards any individual so to create a hostile or adverse educational or work environment.

Respect the rights and property of all persons.

Students shall do nothing to impede another’s right to move about freely, express him/herself, or enjoy privacy.

Students shall not destroy, deface or misuse property belonging to an individual or the college

Bear the ultimate responsibility for the effects of their decisions and behavior.

Students shall abide by federal, state, and local laws.

Students have an ethical obligation to confront, challenge or report destructive or abusive behavior.

Students shall not abuse alcohol or other drugs.

Smoking is prohibited on or in all properties owned and/or controlled by Chemeketa, including smoking in private vehicles while on property owned and/or controlled by Chemeketa

The possession of any firearm, knife with a blade exceeding four (4) inches, or illegal weapon, is prohibited on college property, or college controlled property, in accordance with both State and Federal Law.1 Law enforcement officers are exempt from this policy. The college president/chief executive officer may grant other exemptions for training purposes or safety purposes.

Chemeketa’s Appropriate Use and Software Copyright policies prohibit the use of the Chemeketa network or computer systems for the unauthorized duplication, use, or distribution of copyrighted digital materials, movies, music, and videos, regardless of the method employed (e.g. web pages, peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing, email, etc.).

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