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Students help students at the Tutoring Center

Students as tutors are there to give back.

Jacob Michael Munoz, a second-year Chemeketa student who works in the center as a writing tutor, said, “I enjoys helping people succeed. I have worked as a tutor for the past two terms. … I can assist with essays and any writing assignments.”

Munoz said that most of the students he sees ask for help with works-cited formats or blackboard E-learn. 

“I enjoy being a tutor because when I needed to pick up my grades, I came here to the Tutoring Center,” he said.
Munoz also writes for the student-run college newspaper, The Courier.

Christian Hunt works in the center as a tutor for Math 253, Writing 227, Statistics 243, and some chemistry classes. 

“I really like giving back. I feel good about helping other students,” he said.

Hunt, who is in his final year at Chemeketa, said he planned to transfer to Oregon State University as a math major.

Cecilia Zavala is a College Assistance Migrant Program tutor who works with other CAMP students.

“I transferred here from OSU last year, and I also became a member of CAMP,” she said. “I really appreciated all the help I received and wanted to give back, so I became a tutor. I really like helping others succeed.”

Zavala said she enjoyed working with math and Writing 122 students.

Information on becoming a tutor is available at

– Willadean Wright

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