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Students voice concerns to ASC

Joel Gisbert writes down student ideas at the ASC listening session.
Photo by Cecelia Love-Zhou

On Oct. 15, the Associated Students of Chemeketa (ASC) held a listening session to involve students in the planning of their goals for the academic year.

While sharing positives and negatives at the event, students were also asked questions about their experiences at the college by Chemeketa’s Civic Engagement Coordinator, Joel Gisbert. 

“I think a lot of students need to really realize how important it is for them to know that their voice counts,” said Gisbert. “Let us know what they would like changed, and we can get it out to the right committees.”   

According to Gisbert, he and ASC President Riley Dunagan bring reports from the listening session to the Board of Education and other Chemeketa committees to analyze the issues and try to solve them. 

“We want to know what their student perspective is about Chemeketa and if they have any concerns, needs, or if things are going great. We want to be able to voice those concerns to the committees that we attend here at Chemeketa,” said Gisbert.  

Students brought up multiple concerns, including: issues with testing centers, diversity among program instructors, class offerings, Blackboard and a lack of available resources like microwaves and hygiene products.  

Some even had ideas for how to improve the college. One student at the listening session suggested “a sky bridge lounge with quiet study areas…along with another study area for families where children can be present.”

Gisbert had the students list the resources at Chemeketa they enjoyed. Students expressed appreciation for the Writing Center, library staff, Phi Theta Kappa Society, ASC and the Tutoring and Study Skills Center. Some attendees showed enthusiasm over new student clubs: a crochet club, a music club and a men’s wellness group.

In terms of supporting students, many present said that the food pantry, TRiO, lending library and the Chemeketa Press textbook offerings are helpful. 

”The most important task is to build an environment here at Chemeketa where students feel like they belong, or to see if students need social networks as well as academic networks,” said Gisbert. “I think my number one goal is to make it a fun place for students…a place for students where they want to stay here. They want to complete their studies here.”

ASC hosts multiple civic engagement opportunities throughout the year to give students the chance to be involved in shaping the college.

Going forward, Gisbert said, “ASC will share that information as a way to look at policies and see what kind of changes we can make to better the educational experience for the students at Chemeketa.”

If you would like to get involved with ASC, speak to Joel Gisbert in the Student Center or attend one of their meetings every Tuesday at 3 p.m. in Bldg. 2, Rm. 178.

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