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Ten Things You Should Know About Veterans’ Services

10. The Veterans Lounge is open on a limited basis in Bldg. 2-223. Open hours are posted on the door.

9. Coffee is free for veterans and those on active duty in the Guard and Reserves.

8. The lounge is a great way to connect with other veterans.

7. VA work study positions are now available. Contact Lupe Renya:

6. Earn money while learning new skills.

5. The Veterans’ Club meets at 4: 30 p.m. every Tuesday afternoon in Bldg. 2-232.

4. The club is seeking new memberships; officer positions are available.

3. The club is open to everyone, regardless of whether you served.

2. The club, and the lounge, both offer great ways to find out what is happening in the community for veterans.

1. Veterans’ Services is the No. 1 department on campus.

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