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New changes are coming to Chemeketa’s menu

By B.F Kimball

Offering a variety of foods that range from wraps to pizza, the cafeteria is, for many on campus, a focal point for the famished student.

But by the time the next fall term rolls around, you can expect a plethora of changes, including a full remodel of the cafeteria.

Tim Bucknell, the college’s manager of food services, operated by Northwest Innovations, is excited about the new menu. For starters:

“We’re planning a fresh noodle cart,” Bucknell said.

The grab-and-go noodle station will allow students to enjoy fresh Asian cuisine.

“It’s a very heavy trend – extremely healthy,” he said.

In addition to the noodle cart, students should be on the lookout for another change at the Food Court in the fall.

“We’re experimenting with Mediterranean street food,” Bucknell said. He described the new offerings as “a heavily Greek- inspired menu with some Spanish, Moroccan influences” and said that he wanted to “see how receptive people are to it.”

Major changes to Chemeketa’s cafeteria, as returning students and staff members will recall, are nothing new.

“The taco station was added last fall, though it’s more of a wrap station now,” Bucknell said.

Bucknell, who has worked in the food service industry for 24 years, has been at Chemeketa for a year.

It’s a job that he enjoys. “Every term is like opening a new restaurant and all the excitement that goes along with that,” he said.

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