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The search continues: College committee seeks Chemeketa’s next president

Andrew Bone, executive dean

Andrew Bone, executive dean

By Matthew Skog

Chemeketa’s Presidential Search Advisory Committee is one step closer to finding the college’s next president.

After spending the month of January reviewing applications, he members of the search committee are set to begin interviewing finalists in the coming days.

“When colleges look to hire a new president, they go on a national search,” Andrew Bone, the college’s executive dean, said. “Our search was advertised nationally, and we’ve received applications from all over the country.”

Bone is a coordinator for the search committee.

Chemeketa’s Board of Education makes the final decision.

“The first step of the process were community forums,” he said. “The Board of Education listened to input from the community to find out what they wanted to see in a new president.

“From that input, the board put together a job description – items such as minimum qualifications, experience requirements, and the major duties of the job.”

The application period closed Jan. 5. The search committee received materials from 21 applicants.

The next step in the process is interviewing candidates, Bone said.

“The committee will decide which of those 21 will be interviewed,” he said. “Then, during the next couple of weeks, this committee will interview however many candidates they’re interested in out of that 21.

“After those interviews, the committee will decide which names will go forward to the Board of Education.”

The search committee represents a wide swath of Chemeketa.

“The membership of the committee is made up of students, faculty members, Chemeketa employees, community members, and members of the board,” Bone said.

Terry Rohse, the coordinator of the Chemeketa Auditorium and president of the Chemeketa Classified Association, is a voting member of the Presidential Search Advisory Committee.

“Every one of us on the search committee is taking this extremely seriously,” Rohse said. “If we feel we don’t have qualified applicants, we’re not going to just settle.

“We’re absolutely dedicated to finding the best president that we can for Chemeketa.”

Roshe is confident in moving forward with preliminary interviews.

“We’ve got an adequate number of applicants,” he said. “Some were qualified, some were not, but I feel we have the right people to interview.”

After interviews have concluded, the members of the Board Education are expected to announce a sole finalist.

“There’s still two rounds of interviews ahead of us,” Bone said. “We’re probably looking at another two months, at least,” before a decision is reached.

Bone also said that the members of the Board of Education have done their best to make the process an open one.

“It’s been comprehensive,” he said. “The board has worked hard to ensure a process that’s inclusive. We have every aspect of Chemeketa represented. Once we have finalists, people will be able to meet the candidates and give input.

“We’re working hard to make it an open and credible process.”

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