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There may be some new faces at Chemeketa in the upcoming weeks

Tim Rogers, Associate Vice President/ Chief Information Officer of College Support Services. Jim Eustrom, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services.

Tim Rogers, Associate Vice President/ Chief Information Officer of College Support Services.
Jim Eustrom, Vice President of Instruction and Student Services.

By Nathan Pisano – Photos by Terri Jacobson and Brad Bakke

Chemeketa is in a state of transition.

Along with the appointment of President Julie Huckestein, three other individuals were promoted to different positions:

Andrew Bone became the vice president of Governance and Administration;

Jim Eustrom became the vice president of Instruction and Student Services; and

Tim Rogers became the associate vice president/chief information officer of College Support Services.

Bone’s former position as Executive Dean has been removed. All of the responsibilities assigned to the position transferred with him.

Eustrom’s former position as executive dean of Student Development and Learning Resources, and Tim Rogers’ former position as director of Information Technology, are vacant.

A nationwide search for candidates to fill these positions is in the process, but current Chemeketa staff are still able to apply.

“I like to make sure that if we have open positions, they get filled as soon as possible,” Huckestein said. “I think it helps bring stability within departments and the organization.”

Details for the application process were worked out as quickly as possible.

“We took a couple extra weeks to finalize the process. We wanted to make sure that it worked well,” Rogers said.

The positions are different, so the desired qualifications of applicants varies.

Speaking about his former position, Rogers said, “What’s interesting about the position is, while we are looking for a person with a technical background, what we are really looking for is a person with higher education experience.

“It’s one thing to know how computers work; it’s another thing to know how colleges use them.”

Anyone applying for the position of executive dean of Student Services must have a master’s degree in education, counseling, or a related student services administration and have five years of experience as an administrator.

Joshua Rogers, a recruiter in the Human Resources department, said these are just the minimum requirements the hiring committee is looking for. If applicants don’t meet these requirements, the application is overlooked.

Joshua Rogers said that the hiring team has to be picky about where they advertise because the space does not come cheap. Space in some higher education journals can cost thousands of dollars.

“Once we look at what’s going to be a good deal for how much money we have to spend on it, then we’ll determine where else to put it,” he said.

The positions were advertised through a wide variety of places and formats, including the Oregon Employment Department, the Higher Education Recruitment Consortium, the Chemeketa Veterans Lounge, and Craigslist.

Each position is also listed on websites and in journals that have to do with their fields specifically.

Both Eustrom and Tim Rogers have high hopes for who they are going to find to fill their former roles.

As of April 7 there had been more than 20 applicants. Eustrom said that at the rate they had been coming in, many more were expected.

Eustrom’s former position was open until April 17. Tim Rogers’ former position is open until early May.

Though the Student Services position is no longer accepting applications, the hiring process still has a ways to go.

“There will be several rounds of interviews. The process will take quite a while,” Joshua Rogers said.

Eustrom said that “there is really a need and a role for a chief student services person because that role works with all issues from student complaints and behavioral issues with students to making sure we are providing disability services, counseling, advising, financial aid, library, and tutoring.”

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