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Vice president remains on paid leave: 107 days = $49,343

Patrick Lanning, Vice President of Chemeketa Community College, President of Yamhill Campus.

Patrick Lanning, Vice President of Chemeketa Community College

By Brad Bakke

Patrick Lanning, the college’s vice president for academic affairs and president of the Yamhill campus, has been on paid administrative leave for 107 days and counting.

Lanning continues to collect $462 per day during his time away from his duties while Chemeketa President Cheryl Roberts and at least one lawyer representing the college examine documented charges of sexual impropriety against him.

The charges stem from an encounter with a female college employee during an overnight stay in the Portland area in early February while at a student success conference.
To date, he has collected approximately $49,343 of taxpayer money.

Roberts, responding to a Courier email on May 28 asking for an update on Lanning’s status, responded, “The college is investigating to determine if there is any violation of college policy.

“I understand the perspective of those who ask about Patrick’s status at Chemeketa. He remains on paid administrative leave pending the completion of the investigation.”

Roberts declined to answer how long the investigation would take or whether more than 100 days was a reasonable amount of time to conduct such an investigation.

Ed Dodson, the chairman of the Chemeketa Board of Education, did not respond to two requests asking for comment.

Lanning has chosen to not respond to more than a dozen e-mail and telephone calls during the past month.

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