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Women of Chemeketa: Esthela Zendejas


Story and Photo by Mike Boni

Esthela Zendejas is the administrative assistant for the Marketing and Recruitment Department in Bldg. 2.

Zendejas has been at Chemeketa for more than 14 years. She helps with everything from a tour of the campus to finding a room or building to obtaining name badges.

She has been in her current position for the past five years.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

When I am not working, I cook, clean my house, play with my kids, and watch movies with my husband.

What are your duties here?

What I do when I am working, I like to help people as much as I can, not only students but anyone looking for help. I help my department with student recruitment and marketing the college.

How do you think the Marketing and Recruitment Department benefits the college community as a whole?

By letting people know about Chemeketa and the programs and different services offered here. How? By putting information together in brochures, catalogs, class schedules, advertising campaigns, and electronic boards. College monitors and reading boards are also included. We provide continuous information to high school students by setting up lunch information tables and by doing presentations.

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